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If you liked the application, please write a review, rate the app, share your impressions with others to encourage other users to use the app.

If you want to give a low rating and write a negative review, first make sure that you have read the terms of use of the application and your device supports the main functions of the application.

Sometimes users give low ratings and write a review that is not related to the application, for example:

- «the application needs NFC, so do I have now to change the phone?» (there are technical features, rules and requirements for replenishing the Troika card that the users must comply with);

- «high fares» (prices are regulated by the carrier, not by the application);

- «no ticket XXXXX» (fares and types of travel tickets are set by the carrier, not the application);

- «the validator charged a lot of money for the fare» (the application is not a carrier, does not charge money and does not set tariffs);

- «I bought a ticket, but I need another one, where the fare is lower» (the user chooses and pays for the ticket on their own. If you made a mistake with the choice, you can issue a refund. To do this, please contact us by phone (499 ) 638-2969 or via;

Such comments are not actually related to the functionality of the mobile application and shouldn't be a reason for lowering the rating.

Please note that the application does not take hidden fees and does not broadcast unnecessary advertising, it is designed only for the convenience of users and quick replenishment / registration of Troika cards.

If you encounter any problems using the application or have suggestions for the implementation of new features, please contact us by phone (499) 638-2969 or via, we will answer your question and take into account your wishes.

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